What to Expect From A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Huntersville NC

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Legal Services

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If your financial status has compelled you to declare bankrupt, you will want to handle the legal process with the help of an attorney. Getting the right legal help when filing for bankruptcy is critical to your success. Whether you are using a petition preparer, filing on your own or getting a lawyer to represent you, the process should be done properly. Since it is hard to handle the process alone, you would need the help of a professional in bankruptcy law. There are documents to be presented, filing dates to be adhered to, and fees as well as procedures that have to be met. A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Huntersville NC can help you in the following when you are seeking for bankruptcy protection:

1. Preparation of documents: To file for a bankruptcy, you will need to complete many documents. These documents have to be filed accurately, and some may contain lengthy packs of forms. Since the attorneys are acquainted with such processes, they know how to fill those forms fast and can make the process hassle free. In addition, many attorneys have software applications that prepare and file the required documents with the court.

2. Timely filing of the bankruptcy: When the initial petition has been heard, you may need to provide or file additional forms with the court or give some more documents to the trustee. These requirements have specific date limits, and if you do not do all the work within the stipulated time-frame, you could delay the process, or it could cause dismissal of the case. A bankruptcy attorney can be of great help during the filing of forms.

3. Proper representation: An attorney will represent you during the mandatory and other hearings of the petition. At times, an attorney may advise you not to attend the hearing, but he or she has to be present on your behalf. During this time, you will work closely with your attorney and follow the advice you are provided by them.

To ensure you sail through the bankruptcy case process smoothly, you can consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Huntersville NC. All the important aspects concerning the petition will be handled by the attorney thus giving you a peace of mind. Lake Law PLLC is a renown law firm that has a good experience in handling bankruptcy cases.

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