What to Do If You Are Falsely Charged With Murder in Philadelphia

If you or any of your family members have been falsely accused of any crime it can be devastating, when the accusation is murder in Philadelphia it becomes mind boggling as to the ramifications. As we go through life we assume that we will never be accused of doing something that we didn’t do and that the legal system protects from false and malicious accusations. Unfortunately this is not the case and false accusations are much more common than people think. With the advent of reliable DNS testing many people lingering in prison for crimes they did not commit were finally released.

If you are charged with murder in Philadelphia you no doubt wonder, now what! One thing is absolute and that is getting the services of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney the moment you are charged. For success in the court room it is important that you get a lawyer with experience in representing people who have been charged with murder in Philadelphia before. Your attorney will be in a position to analyze and evaluate the charges and determine how he can best represent you to protect your legal rights.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of being charged with murder in Philadelphia, even though you are innocent and you know it. No matter how false the charges are, they must not be taken lightly. Right from the first moment you must realize that everything you do from now on may have an effect on the outcome of the trial. Taking the right steps now will give you a far better chance of succeeding in proving that you have been falsely accused,
The right lawyer may be expensive but building a strong case takes time and money. Evidence will have to be collected, witnesses will have to be interviewed, and expert witnesses may become necessary and many more possible expenses. A lawyer that promises success and his price is cheap may, after all is said and done be the wrong choice. Your freedom is at stake so don’t attempt to defend yourself on the cheap.

To assist your attorney you must write everything down, keep track of all the events that led up to your arrest and any other information that may prove helpful when defending you against a charge of murder in Philadelphia. Keep meticulous records and be as accurate as possible, let your lawyer be the one to decide if a piece of information is relevant or not.

Compile a list of potential witnesses, you have the right to gather as many possible witnesses to your whereabouts and activities as you want. Many attorneys will ask you to provide a list of witnesses that you consider being both good and bad. As he prepares for your defense against the charge of murder in Philadelphia he will be in a position to decide which witnesses to call in an attempt to bolster your defense.

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