Discussing Drug Charges With A Criminal Lawyer In Bucks County

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Lawyers

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Drug offenders are sentenced based on the quantity of the controlled substance that is in their possession at the time of their arrest, a previous history, and the intent to distribute or traffic. The type of controlled substance does affect sentencing, especially if the prosecutor can link the distribution to a drug-related fatality.

All Schedule I and II drugs impose higher penalties and punishments than marijuana-based infractions. These drugs include meth, cocaine, heroine, and combinations of these controlled substances. Anyone who is arrested for possession or intent to distribute should contact a Criminal Lawyer in Bucks County immediately.

Schedule I and II Drug Penalties in Pennsylvania

Any individual charged with possession of a Schedule, I or II drug that is two grams or less incurs a prison sentence of two years. Fines range up to $5,000; however, the court can impose higher fines to eliminate assets acquired through trafficking or distribution of the drug. A defendant charged with this infraction who has a previous history associated with this controlled substance will receive a prison sentence of three years. A $10,000 fine is assigned to this charge.

Charges in which the quantity was ten grams but did not exceed one hundred grams incur a prison sentence of three years with a fine of $15,000. Defendants with an existing criminal history will receive a sentence of five years, and their fine is increased to $30,000. If you are arrested for this charge, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer without delay.

Drug offenses in which the quantity of the controlled substance was one hundred grams or higher incurs a prison sentence of five years. The fines for the initial infraction are $25,000. However, offenders with previous drug-related histories will receive seven years and fines of no less than $50,000.

Forfeiture of Assets

Anyone convicted of a drug-related crime regardless of the type of drug identified will forfeit all assets. The court has the right to seize all properties and assets accumulated during the time of the offense or that were acquired due to funds generated through sale or distribution. To avoid seizure of your property and a criminal conviction hire a Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer to represent you.

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