What Is Social Security?

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Law

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In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt established Social Security as an integral part of his “New Deal” project. The program is intended to provide some income for those who have retired as well as those who suffer from a disability or are survivors or eligible recipients. The program also includes SSI, supplemental security income which helps the elderly and disabled that are not eligible for full Social Security benefits.

The program mandates that employers and employees must into Social Security in Missouri through payroll taxes. The tax dollars are used to provide benefits for those who are now retired but paid into the program during their working life as well as those who are either physically or mentally disabled. By funding the program through payroll taxes those who have retired can draw benefits while those paying today will be in the same position when they reach retirement age. The amount of money paid monthly is based on the FICA taxes paid; this tax is based on your income up to a certain point. With this understanding those who have had a higher income, hence they paid more tax, will see greater benefits upon retirement.

As the payroll taxes are accrued and managed by Social Security it is quite easy to apply for and be granted retirement benefits, this is not always the case for those who are disabled and applying for disability benefits. The application must be accompanied by a great deal of information on the applicants work record as well as the medical records that pertain to the disability. Even with this, approximately three quarters of those who do apply find their application denied. Once denied there is a rigid appeals process. When your application for disability benefits from Social Security in Missouri is denied the first appeal is simply a request for reconsideration of the initial decision, rarely does this result in a reversal.

Due to the complexity of the hearing stage many people find hiring an attorney who is uniquely qualified in this area to be advantageous. Once the request for reconsideration has been rejected the next stage is a personal meeting with an administrative law judge. During the hearing the judge will pose numerous questions and in many cases the SSA, Social Security Administration will bring in occupational and medical specialists to provide expert testimony. The hearing is not one sided, the applicant and his or her attorney are also given the freedom to support the application with additional facts and to question the experts.

For the disabled, Social Security in Missouri can be a life line as they are no longer able to work and earn a living. Getting approved is not easy, you are invited to discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group. For more info, visit the site grundydisabilitygroup.com.

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