Paying for an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Spokane, WA

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Auto Accident Lawyers

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After a car accident, individuals have the choice of working with the insurance company on their own for a settlement or working with an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Spokane, WA. Often, people will choose to deal with the insurance company themselves because they don’t think they can afford a lawyer. This could lead to a settlement that’s much lower than the person needs, or to the person being denied a settlement altogether.

An auto accident injury lawyer in Spokane, WA is not going to charge a person upfront for their services. Anyone can schedule a free consultation to find out if hiring a lawyer is right for their case. When they do, the lawyer will explain how payments are handled if the person decides to work with the lawyer on the case. Typically, the lawyer will work on a contingency basis. This means they do not get paid unless their client receives a settlement.

The lawyer will do all of the work on the case without needing to be paid in advance. The settlement they negotiate with the insurance company is going to include all of their fees. If the person does receive a settlement, the lawyer is going to take their fees out before sending the settlement to the client. If the case is unsuccessful, the lawyer isn’t going to be paid for the case. The person won’t need to worry about how they’re going to cover all of the bills from the accident and pay for the lawyer.

This is designed to help victims of accidents get the compensation they need without having to worry about added expenses. It also means that the lawyer is going to work hard to ensure their client receives a settlement. This way, they can be sure they’re paid for the case they take on. Anyone who has been in a car accident can contact a lawyer, like one from the Deissner Law firm, to find out what their options are. Then, they can decide whether or not they want to work with an attorney without needing to pay out of pocket for the legal expenses. For more information, anyone can contact a lawyer and ask for a consultation as soon as possible after an accident has occurred.

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