What Does A Truck Accident Attorney Do?

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Attorney

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When two cars are involved in a collision that is one set of circumstances; when a car and a large truck are involved in a collision that is something totally different. First off, a truck is several times larger than heavier than a car hence the possibility of serious injury to the occupants of the car and total destruction of the car is greater; secondly, in a truck accident there can be many people and companies involved, trying to determine exactly who or what is at fault can be difficult.

A truck accident attorney in Miami is a legal professional who dedicates a considerable amount of time dealing with the issues that are at stake when the collision involves a large truck. As there are two sides to every coin there is also two ways for an attorney to organize the practice. Some attorneys represent the truck driver and vehicle owners while others dedicate their time and attention to the car driver who has sustained injury and still others deal exclusively with the insurance companies that are involved with the diver and owner of the truck.

A skilled truck accident attorney in Miami must be intimate with several facets of the law, these include personal injury, company and corporate liability, insurance law as well as the local and regional traffic laws of the area where the accident occurred.

The majority of accidents involving a car and a large truck can become very complicated compared to a car accident. In a car accident, no matter how bad it may be there are two cars owned by two different people; one is the cause of the accident and the other is the victim. Truck accidents on the other hand are far more complex; in many cases the truck driver is only an agent of the truck owner. It is the responsibility of the truck accident attorney to figure out if it was the fault of the driver in his personal capacity or as an agent of the owner at the time. There is also the distinct possibility it is the fault of another involved party, perhaps the company that took responsibility over loading and securing the truck contents.

A seasoned truck accident attorney in Miami has to be a true fact-finder. The goal of course is to serve the injured client but all accidents involving heavy trucks tend to involve many players and a myriad of facts. The attorney must look at the circumstances though different prisms, what facts surround the actual incident as well as what facts led to the accident happening in the first place. There is a great deal of data to be gathered; how long was the driver at the wheel of the truck, had the driver been drinking or taking drugs, was the truck and the trailer in good working order? These are but of few of examples of what influence an eventual award of damages to the injured party.

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