What Can A Social Security Lawyer Do For You?

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Attorney

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Since the term of President Franklin Roosevelt, Social Security in the United States has been helping those individuals who reach retirement age as well as those who are unable to work and earn a living due to a physical or mental disability. Social Security lawyers in El Monte are legal professionals who enjoy in-depth knowledge of Social Security and all the complex rules, regulations and laws that apply to the process of applying for and being granted disability benefits. Many applicants call upon these professionals when they are making their initial application for benefits while others will turn to these lawyers once their initial application is denied, which many of them are.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits does not necessarily mean getting them, it is the applicant?s responsibility to prove beyond doubt that he or she is disabled and the disability is such that they are incapable of working for pay. Upon receipt of the application the Social Security administration, SSA, subject the application to rigid scrutiny, this detailed process is designed to weed out those applicants that in the eyes of the administration do not meet the rules and regulations laid down. The review process includes a detailed study of the applicants work history and medical history. Social Security lawyers in El Monte are well versed on the supporting documents and other forms of proof the administration is looking for. A Social Security lawyer is in the best position to provide advice to the applicant to improve the odds of approval by proving that the client is truly disabled.

The fortunate applicant will have his or her application for benefits approved on the first submission; unfortunately this is a reasonably rare occurrence. Statistically between 70 and 75 percent of first submissions are denied outright, this is where a lawyer who is seasoned in Social Security can be of tremendous assistance. When the initial application is denied the lawyer and the client will request that the application be reconsidered which invariably means that the application will be put up for review by an administrative judge. During the hearing it is the task of the lawyer to argue the case of his or her disabled client and in doing so will offer supporting documentation as well as physical proof that the applicant is disabled and meets all the criteria that has been established by the SSA.

No lawyer can guarantee that the hearing in front of the administrative judge will bear fruit but the lawyer can guarantee that the application can and will be elevated to a review council and if necessary all the way to federal court.? For more information visit the site Website.com

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