What Can You Expect When You Hire An SSI Disability Attorney?

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Lawyers

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United States Social Security has two primary functions; one is to pay a benefit to those who have worked most of their life and reached retirement age and the other is to provide benefits to those who suffer from a physical or mental disability. In the case of retirement benefits there is rarely a problem getting them, simply meet the requirements and within three months of applying you will see your first check, this is often not the case when the applicant is a disabled person. The application process is very complex and the rules are even worse and most people immediately turn to a lawyer. When you do elect to have representation of course fees there are SSI Disability Attorneys in Wheaton that must be paid but in most cases it is well worth it.

For those people who are physically or mentally disabled and have yet to reach full retirement age they can turn to Social Security for a benefit package that will provide them with a source of money to cover living expenses. The government actually have two programs, SSDI or Social Security disability insurance which is available to those that have worked and accumulated sufficient work credits and SSI, Supplemental Security Income which is available to people who are disabled but have not accumulated enough work credits to apply for SSDI.

It makes little difference if the disabled individual is applying for SSDI or SSI, both programs are complicated and the rules and laws applicable are beyond the scope of the greatest majority of laypeople. About three quarters of the initial applications that are made are rejected and sadly, the percentage varies little whether the applicant is represented by a lawyer or not at this stage. It becomes beneficial to pay fees SSI Disability Attorneys in Wheaton after the initial rejection and the appeals process begins. A disabled individual who goes to appeal with the assistance of a seasoned Social Security attorney will find that he has a two thirds chance of success on the initial appeal while those who avoid representation have a dismal failure rate.

The majority of those who are disabled rely on their Social Security disability benefit, without it many people would simply end up on the street, homeless and destitute. The money itself is tremendously important but once approved the disabled individual will also be eligible for health care benefits. Visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. website for more information.

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