What Baltimore Residents Should Know About SSDI

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Lawyers

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SSDI stands for Social Security Disability. It is sometimes referred to as SSD. Unlike SSI, which is Social Security Income, disability through SSDI has different requirements in regards to how to qualify for benefits, and how much benefit an individual can receive. SSI disability is based more on individuals who have little to no income, and who do not have a strong employment record, or are not vested in the system. The staff here at The Law Office of Fred S. London, P.C. in Baltimore works hard to educate our clients and ensure that they file for the appropriate form for disability assistance. Part of what contributes to a high rate of rejection for initial claims, is that people file for the wrong type of assistance. The similarity in names and acronyms make it. We want our clients to understand that, while the system used to determine if a person is disabled is the same for all branches of Social Security, the qualifications necessary to receive benefits are different.

Requirements for SSDI

For Baltimore residents, the basic requirements are the same as they are for everyone else. In order for one of our clients to file for SSDI, they must have worked within the last five years out of a ten-year period. The benefit amount for SSDI recipients is formulated based on how much money they earned during that time. There are different minimal requirements depending on age as well. If an individual is disabled, but did not work enough in that time frame, or has never worked, then they must file for SSI. Aside from work history, they must also be disabled due to a recognized medical condition. If there is any question regarding if your situation meets the requirements, our qualified staff is more than happy to review your case and help you determine if you qualify for benefits and how to apply.

How We Can Assist You

Not only do we encourage Baltimore residents who are curious about SSDI to contact us, we offer a free case evaluation. Our highly trained staff will review the information you provide and help you to determine if you may be eligible for benefits, and what for which kind you should apply. We are also more than happy to help you complete all the paperwork and file the necessary forms for you. Why spend your time in a cramped and uncomfortable government office, when you can complete the application process from the comfort of our Baltimore office? We will happily help you with every step of way until the job is done, and are even here for you after you have been approved, to help with review paperwork as it arises for your case.

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