What is a birth injury attorney?

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Lawyers

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If, during the birthing process, a child is injured or harmed due to the negligence of the attending physician or any of the attending staff, this may be cause to sue for medical malpractice. Perhaps the injury is only temporary, unfortunately though, injuries to the newborn are usually serious and last a lifetime. In the event you suffer this horrible situation, you must have a Birth Injury Attorney In Houston to prepare and file on your behalf, a medical malpractice suit. The intention of the suit is to provide sufficient compensation to allow the family to attend to the child for what could be a lifetime.

The task of the birth injury attorney in Houston is to establish a case wherein he can prove that the doctor or any staff member attending to the birth failed to notice obvious signs of distress of the infant, or the action to stop the damage from occurring was not fast enough. If there is evidence that the physician ignored the symptoms associated with birth distress, was not attentive every moment of the birth or failed to diagnose and treat any condition that could lead to a birthing problem, then there is usually a good case.

An injury to a child during birth may have lifelong consequences; these consequences may cost millions of dollars over the lifetime of the injured individual. Over the ensuing years, the child may need daily medications, physical and emotional therapy; special apparatus for mobility and special education and private schools that are prepared to handle such cases. In the event the baby should die, there are funeral costs and the emotional distress of the parents and other family members.

There are many things that can happen at birth and a birth injury attorney in Houston has seen them all. At birth, the child may suffer damage that will change an otherwise healthy child into a lifelong problem, the child may even be killed while birthing. One of the conditions that can cause long term problems based on a birth injury is brain damage caused by lack of oxygen. If the doctor does not extract the baby quick enough from the birth canal, this will starve the baby?s brain of much needed oxygen. Another problem associated with oxygen deprivation at birth is hydrocephalus. This condition can be caused by a blow to the head or bacterial infection. The injury can cause the baby to develop an abnormally large head and be the root cause of delays in development because of abnormal amounts of spinal fluid gathered around the brain. Cerebral palsy is another serious issue that a Birth Injury Attorney In Houston can sue for as the child will go through life with poor motor skills and delayed physical movements.



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