When you Slip and Fall, A Personal Injury Lawyer in New City Can Help

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Personal Injury

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There seems to be danger everywhere, and when someone slips, falls and sustains an injury, a personal injury lawyer in New City can help.   Everywhere one turns, there is the opportunity to get hurt, whether it is a broken step, a sink hole in a yard, slippery liquids on a floor, or a hallway that is not safely lit.  When a fall occurs, the injured party might be entitled to collect compensation for his or her medical bills, disability, lost wages and pain and suffering.

A professional personal injury lawyer in New City will be on the case and can offer legal help to those who have been injured in all kinds of accidents, in addition to slip and fall incidences.  They can represent people who have been injured in truck or car accidents, or those who have been injured due to nursing home neglect.  Sometimes people are injured just walking by a construction project.  The right personal injury lawyer in New City can help these individuals as well.  If any kind of personal injury occurs that lowers the quality of one’s life, that person should not hesitate to seek professional legal help.

Some people do not realize that when they slip and fall on a broken sidewalk where they live or are shopping, they can sue the landowner.  A personal injury lawyer in New City can advise his or her clients that any time a person is invited onto a property. See it makes absolutely no difference if whether one is there as a guest, someone who is walking on a public sidewalk or someone who is a shopper in  a store. Whenever a person sustains injury due to some aspect of the property’s not being properly maintained, they will most likely be able to collect compensation for their injuries.  It is crucial that  land or property owners maintain their property in a safe condition or that they provide warnings if any hidden dangers are lurking.  Failure to do this can mean injury to an innocent party and thousands of dollars in damages paid out to the party who is injured.

In a recent typical law case, a rental tenant sustained injury when she tripped over a water hose that was lying across the sidewalk that lead to her apartment.  When the court heard the case, they ruled that the owners of the apartment complex were at fault for not providing some type of warning to tenants that the lawn maintenance crew was working that day, and they were held responsible for the woman’s medical bills, her lost wages, the pain that she suffered and other compensation that the court felt she deserved.  She was able to go to court and prove her case against the apartment complex owners because she hired a competent personal injury lawyer in New City.


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