Can a Personal Injury Lawyer of Charlottesville VA Actually Get Me A Larger Settlement?

by | Dec 21, 2012 | Lawyers

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So you were the victim of an automobile accident and the party at fault has put you in touch with their insurance agent. Assuming that you have a police report that shows you were not at fault, will you really need a personal injury lawyer of Charlottesville VA in order to settle your case? Well the answer is, it depends. While its rather normal for this to be the case, and even for the insuring party to call you back right away and offer you a settlement very quickly, you may want to delay accepting it. What many lay-people don’t really know is that over 90+% of personal injury cases are settled prior to a trial beginning. Insuring companies are aware that once a case is brought in front of a judge, arbitrator, or jury literally anything can happen, it’s completely unpredictable. What’s far more predictable is getting plaintiffs to settle for a smaller fee than they may be due, in particular if it’s offered rather quickly.

So knowing this is the case and that if you were not the responsible party that they have to settle why is it that your settlement can go significantly up by hiring a personal injury lawyer of Charlottesville VA? Because when the adjuster is processing your claim and you do not have representation, the underlying threat that looms in the back ground during negotiations of a settlement is the threat of going to court. They know that if you are representing yourself the likelihood of that being the case is very low, so the perceived threat is non-existent. So it is impossible to put a higher priority of more exposure of higher costs (like the high costs of taking a claim through litigation) is just not present unless you have the personal injury lawyer of Charlottesville VA on your side communicating on your behalf. It’s this attorney’s mere presence in the case that raises the “value” or perceived value of your claim.

But it’s not just the fear of litigation chances that an attorney represents to the insuring party trying to settle the claim, but the way your case is presented. These claim adjusters work full time settling claims on the insurance company’s behalf. No one individual can present their case as effectively as an experienced personal injury lawyer from Charlottesville VA who will know exactly how to maximize the harm caused and play to the strengths of your case. Most good attorneys will go beyond just the physical pain and medical expenses, possible loss of work to how the accident and resulting injury has cost your life in total. This now forces the adjuster to compensate you for the losses that have occurred in your life with family and friends, which will also increase your settlement.

So hiring a personal injury lawyer of Charlottesville VA is definitely worth the investment when you know that the attorney will bring to the insurance company a complete picture of how this accident has affected your life. They will start with a complete narrative; include any medical bills and records and treatments attended. They will generally include any photographs; video or other supporting exhibits in a well thought out and organized way that will be more effective in explaining why the settlement demand is significantly higher than you may have originally thought.

Have a professional and well-seasoned personal injury lawyer of Charlottesville VA go to work for you and increase your settlement amount. Visit the experienced team at Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP

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