Remain in the Law: New York Child Custody That Will be Heard and Valued

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Legal Services

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The complexity of a child custody case does not end when a resolution is met. More often than not, one party member is left scratching their head and wondering what went wrong. It could be a single thing. It could be a late child support payment that has haunted them for years. It could be a DUI that led the court to lead in favor of an opposing party. Circumstances are extremely individualized, and nearly everything is taken into accord when determining how, when, and if a child is able to see both parents/parties.

It is a complicated and demanding process that shakes out entirely too random and generic too often. One party will get the shaft, or something will not fit. Even a child custody solution could be ineffective for both parties when safety concerns arise in a given situation or ‘it is not working out.’

All of these are fair. Furthermore, all of these are perfectly logical reasons to upend a case and go on the offensive in finding a better solution. New York child custody invokes laws and detailed plans that will ultimately change the course of an action and bring solace to a family. But when a New York child custody case is brought to one’s attention again, it will not simply change ‘because it should.’ there must be substantial proof of various issues. These may include:

* evidence and proof that a child is being abused or neglected
* proof that a man or woman has been falling victim to certain vices
* court-approved evidence of suspect situations

This type of information will help a judge see a situation in a different light. Some people roll over when a judge initially claims a child custody case. The measures are set and that is that. Fortunately, this can be unruled with proper evidence and proper steps. A private investigator will gather the necessary evidence that can be formally used in the court of law. There is no worrying any longer about a child’s safety if the party takes the responsible course and properly gathers evidence to support a claim. Without a private investigator, an individual may be acting outside the law.

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