A Team of harassment lawyers in NJ Helps You Identify Bullying at Work

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Law

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Are you depressed because you are experiencing problems at work and you don’t know what to do about it? Are you being discriminated at work because of your stance, race, gender or sexual orientation? Have you been receiving harassing treatment at work for any reason? It is important that you know that bullying doesn’t just occur at school or on the playground, it occurs quite frequently on the job, too. McMoran, O’Connor & Bramley, P.C. are harassment lawyers in NJ who will help you in such cases. These are some signs they want to share with you that you are being harassed or bullied and may need a lawyer.

If you get sick every time you have to start your workweek, there is a good chance you are being harassed or bullied. While a lot of people dread the grind of a workweek, particularly if they are in a job they don’t like, it shouldn’t make you sick.

If you are constantly under verbal attacks, always being criticized despite that your work ethic or accomplishments say otherwise, you are probably the victim of bullying.

If you are always being yelled at, humiliated or insulted, you are most likely being bullied.

When your boss is keeping a file on you, constantly throwing your mistakes in your face, that is due to bullying.

Sometimes the gossip and rumors at the water cooler are not just idle talk during breaks, people could actually be using these as tools to undermine you and make your life miserable. You may be the victim of bullying.

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