Real Time Court Reporting Revolutionizes the Deposition Process

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Law

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The legal profession has adopted high-tech innovations in its practices to accomplish more work with fewer hours spent on a case. There are many technological innovations that have helped attorneys work faster and more accurately. One of the latest innovations offered by Depo International, a certified court reporting agency offering litigation and deposition services, is Real Time Court Reporting. This process allows the court reporter to produce a hard copy of a transcription within seconds.

Real Time Court Reporting is an easy service to execute. Depo International’s certified court reporters’ stenographs convert the transcription into English, which appears on the reporters’ monitor. The reporter is actually writing on the shorthand machine in a computer form, usually a notebook. The testimony is being translated immediately against the reporter’s dictionary, allowing the testimony to appear on the monitor in English almost instantaneously. This visible transcript is a rough draft but the benefit of real time court reporting is that the transcript does appear within seconds of the witness’s words being spoken. This high-tech process can be further enhanced by the inclusion of a scopist and a printer. Using a scopist and printer, the transcript is edited and sent to the printer almost immediately. Real Time Court Reporting Las Vegas enables the reporter to provide the attorney at the end of the deposition with a complete transcript that will need almost no revision. The technology in this field is becoming so advanced that up to 300,000 pages of text can be stored on one CD. Further, retrieval of this information from the CD can be accomplished within just a few seconds. Depo International’s certified court reporters are capable of providing real time court reporting services to keep your company up to date with technology in legal proceedings.

Often, attorneys who have not observed the real time system will be very curious about the equipment. Depo International Las Vegas’s court reporters will explain to the attorney what real time reporting is, how it works and how it will help him or her. Also, the real time software may have the capability of connecting to the attorney’s laptop. The connection to the attorney’s laptop will enable the attorney to view on his screen exactly what is appearing on the real time reporter’s screen.

Software is available that will enable the attorney to search for a keyword among the lines of testimony, a key phrase and even a question asked and the answer given. Perhaps the most important benefit for the attorney is the instantaneous availability of a final transcript produced by a Depo International certified real time court reporter.

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