Understanding The Requirements With The Help Of An Adoption Attorney In Washington, Indiana

Prospective parents who wish to adopt in the state of Indiana should consult an attorney to define their rights. An issue experienced by adoptive guardians in today’s society is the initiation of parental rights by the birth parents who in most cases abandoned the child. Under most laws in the United States, these parents often win custody battles even when they choose to neglect the child or place them within risky situations. If you want to become a parent or legal guardian of a child, you should contact an Adoption Attorney in Washington Indiana today.

Eliminating Parental Rights

Any child who is placed consistently in a dangerous environment due to drug use, alcoholism, or criminal behaviors may become the ward of the state or otherwise be removed from their parent’s home. The complexities associated with these occurrences is that the birth parent can prove that they have acquired rehabilitation only to return to these circumstances after regaining custody. For this reason, the primary focus when adoption is initiated is to file a motion to end all parental rights.

When Rights are Involuntarily Terminated

Primary grounds for termination include but are not limited to chronic neglect, physical or sexual abuse, abandonment, drug or alcohol abuse, and mental incapacity. Parents who fail to support their children via court-ordered child-support payments or other reasoning are subject to the termination of their rights under these circumstances. When any of these issues is present during the life of one child, the court can step in to protect any additional children who are born to these individuals. The state can monitor the birth parents based on child protection laws.

Whether you’re hoping to adopt a ward of the state or to protect a minor family member, an Adoption Attorney in Washington Indiana can help you. During the adoption process, the court files a petition to prevent the birth parents from regaining custody after you become the legal caregiver of the child. The state also requires you to participate in a home study to determine whether or not you are the right fit for the child. If you wish to initiate an adoption, you should visit the website for extensive information about this process.


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