Are You Filing a Claim for Social Security? Fall River, MA Experts Can Help

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Lawyers

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Many people in Fall River, MA are dealing with severe impairments that make it unable for them to remain employed. If you?re among them, consider hiring a legal expert who has an in-depth understanding of what?s involved for filing a claim to receive benefits through Social Security. Fall River, MA residents who can prove they are truly disabled are entitled to federal compensation, but the process of filling out paperwork and giving a? testimony to a judge is rarely straightforward.

Legal Representation is Not Required, But Highly Recommended

Many people think it will be simpler to take the route of self representation, especially during a Social Security hearing. Claimants are not mandated to hire legal representation during the process, but it?s a very good idea to have an experienced lawyer on your side that understands what?s involved in a claim for Social Security. Fall River, MA lawyers can explain what to expect in the days ahead, so you?re able to breathe easier.

Social Security Attorneys Can Explain What Must Be Proven

Individuals who are applying for benefits sometimes have the false assumption it?s only necessary to prove to the judge that a form of past work can no longer be performed due to a disability. However, it?s actually necessary to show a claimant can no longer take part in any form of gainful employment within the workforce.

For example, if a vocational expert is called on behalf of Social Security, Fall River, MA might be highlighted as a resource for potential jobs. The vocational expert must then give a reasonable estimate as to how many jobs of a particular type exist in the region.

Hire a Social Security Expert

Regardless if you are hiring a legal professional to assist with making an initial claim or filing an appeal, it?s in your best interests to rely upon someone who is very well versed in the area of laws associated with Social Security. Fall River, MA individuals, as well as those in nearby areas, have trusted the representation of lawyers from the Law Offices Dussault & Gomes, P.C. Get in touch with the firm today and find out how they could also help you.



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