Two Benefits of a Child Custody Attorney in Mequon, WI

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Lawyers

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There are far more than just two benefits associated with hiring a child custody attorney for your needs but knowing these two main benefits may help you to make your decision. After all, fighting for partial or full custody of your children is not only a complex and mentally demanding situation but you may hurt your case by making a mistake that an attorney will help you avoid. These experts understand all the laws and regulations regarding child custody and will help you follow the correct paths and procedures so that your chance of winning your case is much higher than you may hope.

He or She Will Have One, Too

It is highly unlikely that your spouse will not choose to hire his or her own child custody attorney, and this is why you absolutely must contact a firm such as the Fraker Law Firm, S.C. to help you from the start. The attorney hired by your significant other will pay you no mercies before the judge and the judge will be legally and ethically obligated to hold you to the same standards as he or she holds the other party’s attorney. For this reason alone, you may not be able to afford going into this type of emotionally draining situation without an expert by your side.


A child custody attorney in Mequon, WI will have absolutely everything needed to help you win the case and will know which documents, information, and evidence are necessary to do so. It may be that your spouse is not fit to watch the children full-time or even at all because he or she does not have the right type of residence or even strong enough mental health and your attorney will help you make this evidence. This is a trying time but your attorney will help you focus. Visit website for more details about experienced child custody attorney in Mequon, WI.

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