Three Situations in Which It Is Wise to Call for Help from an Estate Litigation Attorney

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Law

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When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult for the family to deal with, and unfortunately, having to deal with the estate can make things even harder. Luckily, estate executors can hire an experienced attorney for help, and although some people may believe that an estate lawyer isn’t necessary, there are some situations in which not getting legal advice can lead to costly mistakes. Read on to find out what types of probate scenarios are best handled with help from a lawyer.

There’s a Will Contest: Will contests don’t always happen, but there are cases in which a person either believes they were entitled to something that was not left to them in the will or doesn’t want something that was left to them. In these situations, talking to an estate litigation attorney as soon as possible is a must. Will contests and alterations must be handled through the courts and an attorney can help the family understand how the process works. In the case of a contest, they may be able to assist the family in settling the matter before entering into an expensive court conflict.

There’s Not Enough Money: If there isn’t enough money to pay the debts on the estate, it’s vital that the estate executor contact an estate litigation attorney before they pay anyone. Many people fail to realize that there are laws that determine which creditors receive priority consideration and how much money they will get. An estate attorney’s advice will keep executors from paying the wrong debts so that they don’t get in trouble with creditors or the courts.

A Business Is Involved: Personal estates that don’t involve much more than a single-family home and a few bank accounts don’t always need to be handled by an attorney. However, any estate that involves business assets should definitely be looked at by a lawyer, especially if investors or partners will be affected by any decisions that are made. An attorney will help the family place a value on the business and explain the consequences of keeping or selling it. No matter what they choose, an estate attorney can help them through either process.

Estate executors and family members don’t have to let dealing with their loved one’s estate overwhelm them.

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