Chapter 7 in St. Louis MO Might Be the Best Way to Deal With Your Debt

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Law

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Some debts are good to have. An affordable mortgage, for example, is a good debt. The majority of people don’t buy their home with cash and paying the mortgage on time, every month can have a positive impact on a homeowner’s credit score. Student loans aren’t necessarily bad debts either. When a young person takes out a student loan with the intention of investing in themselves and their future, this isn’t bad. On the other hand, these particular debts could be problematic if they are part of a stack of bills the homeowner or former student can’t afford.

People today have a lot of options for managing excessive debt. Credit counselors can help people set up and maintain a budget and debt settlement services aim to help people forge agreements with their creditors. These are effective options for many people. However, when the debt is overwhelming and the person doesn’t have enough income to support it, bankruptcy may be the best choice. By filing Chapter 7 St. Louis MO residents who qualify can discharge most types of debts. There are restrictions on who can file this type of bankruptcy but most people with debts that exceed their assets will qualify.

By choosing a lawyer who focuses on Chapter 7 St. Louis MO residents can learn if they fall within the criteria for Chapter 7 and get started on the process right away. As soon as the bankruptcy is filed in court, a person who has been getting regular calls from the companies they own will experience immediate relief. The bankruptcy code allows those in serious debt to have a break from any type of request to pay the outstanding bills until the case is heard in court. This reprieve, combined with the mandatory credit counseling associated with all new bankruptcy filings, is often very beneficial in helping people get a handle on their finances and make better decisions in the future.

When they are ready to learn more about Chapter 7 St. Louis MO residents can visit Because every situation is a little different, it’s important to consult an attorney regarding bankruptcy.

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