Those Who Have Been Unfairly Fired Can Get Help From an Employment Law Attorney in Torrance, CA

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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When an employee is laid off or fired, they may have a legitimate wrongful termination claim against their employer. Attempting to prove such a claim without legal intervention can be difficult and even impossible. For those who feel they have been terminated unfairly it would be prudent to consult with an Employment Law Attorney in Torrance, CA. While most employee/employer relationships are considered “at will,” this does not mean there are not instances where a terminated employee has legal recourse against their employer.

There are three main areas of wrongful termination. A wrongful termination claim can be brought against an employer if an employee is illegally terminated. It is important a person fully understands the types of wrongful termination so they will know if their claim will stand up in court. These types of wrongful termination should prompt a person to seek help from an attorney:

Discrimination of any type can warrant a wrongful termination claim. An employer cannot terminate an employee based on their race, sex, color, religion, nationality, disability or age. If a person feels they were terminated because of discrimination, it is crucial they seek legal counsel from an employment law attorney in Torrance, CA.

A violation of public policy may be involved if a person was fired due to retaliation after reporting wrongdoing or refusing to engage in illegal practices. One may also pursue a wrongful termination claim if they were terminated for exercising their legal rights.

Retaliation termination may occur because an employee reported wage and hour violations, safety violations, illegal behavior, or harassment. Whenever an employee is fired in an act of retaliation, the terminated employee may have a legal right to pursue their employer in wrongful termination.

If a person feels they were terminated wrongfully, it is crucial for them to seek help from an attorney to determine whether or not they have a viable claim. If you would like further information on the types of wrongful termination claims, Contact us. With the legal guidance of an attorney, you can have the help you need to properly pursue your claim to hold your employer accountable for their illegal actions.

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