Does the Current Ohio Lemon Law Cover Repair Expenses & Who Pays?

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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It can be a frustrating experience to find out that you’ve bought a used car that has hidden problems. The first owner conveniently forgot to mention these. As a result, more states now have enacted legal laws like the little-known Ohio Lemon Law. Many taken consumers wonder if the current Lemon Law regulations in Ohio cover the steep repair expenses. Also, who pays for those repairs?

Learn All About Ohio Lemon Law from a Legal Expert

Rather than shell out hundreds of dollars, and maybe more, for frequent or progressive car repairs, find out more about the Lemon Law details. It could be that your car may fit the circumstances. Learn all about these cases by speaking with a qualified attorney skilled in Lemon Law claims. This should be done before paying those high repair bills.

Lemon Law Cases Must Be Filed During Specific Timetables

Like most compensation cases, Lemon Law cases do have to be filed during the narrow timetable dictated by the courts. This is to prevent dishonest consumers trying to get the first car owner in trouble and on the hook for repairs that may not be their problem anymore. For example, a person can’t claim a Lemon Law case if the vehicle was purchased 5 years ago or more.

Don’t Be Conned – Get Car History First

One of the best ways to avoid being scammed is to get the true car history before purchase. Contact us legal help.

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