The Experienced Process Server in Toronto, Toronto ON VS the Inexperienced

If there is one mistake you want to avoid it is to shop for a process server in Toronto, Toronto ON based on cost. The lower fees typically mean you are dealing with an experienced process server in Toronto, Toronto ON and it can mean a critical mistake for your case.

The Law

The law is clear about processing times for service, they are also clear about repercussions if you do not manage the service in the right way. A new process server that has yet to really get their feet wet may not be fully aware of the laws, which of course can leave your case in a bad spot.

The Experienced VS the Inexperienced

There are three key benefits that experience has to offer that the inexperienced process server cannot:

  • A history of successful service
  • Expert advice and information
  • Diligently carrying out their duty to you

An inexperienced server may charge you less for the service but without a point of reference you really do not know if your papers will be served. This can be a very risky endeavor. A history of successful service can put your mind at ease knowing you are with a company you can trust!

Diligent Attention to Duty

Not having your papers served is not an option but it can be a challenge to get them served and get them served right for someone with inexperience. The fact is you may wind up with the papers returned marked “un-servable” if an inexperienced processor is left to the task. This can delay your case and in the worst instance get your case dismissed. The experienced processor will pay diligent attention to carrying out the task at hand. Leaving this important part of the process up to inexperience is not really an option. Contact Select Document Services to get the support you can depend on.

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