Take the Fear Out of Applying for Disability

When you get ready to file for social security disability, it may seem like a daunting task. It is true that most people filing claims will be denied the first time they apply. This is why it is important to make sure that documents are filled out correctly and filed as soon as possible. Having an attorney to help you apply for disability is important so that all of the forms are correct. It is not easy to apply for disability in NC unless you have an experienced law firm assisting you.

Beginning the Process

Most law offices in North Carolina begin the process by calling clients to file the initial application online, while they speak with the client over the phone. The law firm must ask the client basic questions about their background information, work history, medical conditions, and medical treatment. The law firm then submits representation forms, along with a copy of the application to Social Security. Once the online application is submitted, the client is mailed a copy of the application to sign, along with medical release forms from Social Security. Once the application is signed and returned to SSA by the client, the disability review process can begin. Once the initial application is completed and processed by a local Social Security District Office, it is sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for review. A Disability Examiner working for DDS is assigned to the case and begins the process by requesting medical records from the claimants? treating physicians. Once all medical documentation is received, a decision is made by the Disability Examiner. Most initial claims are denied the first time they are filed. This is not a reflection of whether a claimant has a legitimate disability claim or not, as many very strong and deserving claimants are denied benefits by DDS. It is common for at least 70% of initial claims to be denied the first go around. When an experienced SSD law firm is handling your case, you can be sure you?ll have the best possible opportunity for approval.

Avoid Mistakes

People who believe filing for disability is easy enough without an attorney do not understand that the simplest of mistakes can hold up the process and sometimes result in a denial. Meticulous attention to detail is very important, and can be given by qualified professionals that are familiar with the process of applying for disability. All disabling impairments need to be listed, as well as a detailed chronology of treatment received from medical sources. Also, a detailed list of the claimants work history that includes detailed descriptions of the job duties performed is very important. Submitting detailed medical source statements from the claimants treating physicians can also be very helpful.

Follow Up With Your Case

After an application has been filed, Social Security needs to review all of the medical records that are related to a disability claim. If you were filing on your own this would mean countless phone calls to doctors and hospitals to make sure the appropriate records reached Disability Determination Services (DDS). When a competent attorney is handling a disability claim, follow up is part of the process. They follow up to make sure the proper medical documents are requested and received by DDS in a timely manner. In some cases a doctor supports the claimant?s disability claim. In this case, an experience SSD law firm can help the claimant obtain a completed medical source statement from the treating physician in support the claimant?s disability claim.

When you are ready to apply for disability in NC it is best to contact a skilled law office that can help you get results. Contact The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a free case review.

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