Some Reasons Why a Person Might Not Use an Accident Injury Attorney in Waldorf, MD

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Personal Injury Attorney

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Anyone who is injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault needs legal help. Sadly, some injured parties choose not to contact an accident injury attorney in Waldorf, MD. There are some reasons that are given for avoiding lawyers. The truth is that there isn’t any good reason to avoid a lawyer. At the very least, an injured individual should at least have a consultation with a legal professional.

The Cost

Cost is a common reason given by people who avoid lawyers. An injured person might think that they can get more money without the help of an accident injury attorney in Waldorf, MD. This is especially true if there is an insurance company involved that is willing to settle. Why pay lawyer money out of the settlement? In reality, people who use lawyers will usually end up with much more money even after paying a lawyer. It’s just worth it to use a lawyer in settlement negotiations.

Talked Out Of It

People who don’t want lawyers involved can be very persuasive when talking to injured parties. Naturally, anyone who is thinking of paying a settlement doesn’t want the other party to have legal representation. They know it will cost them a lot of money. As such, they will work hard to tell the injured person that a lawyer isn’t needed. They may also pressure them to sign as soon as possible or the settlement offer will be pulled.

Don’t Think They Have a Case

Unfortunately, some injured individuals don’t think they have cases that a lawyer can help with. Sometimes, people just get the wrong advice from family and friends. Other times, they just think their injuries aren’t worth the effort. A person should never assume they don’t have a case unless they talk to a few lawyers. Even if a lawyer tells them that they don’t have a case, an injured person should seek out other legal opinions.

Accident lawyers can help a great deal, which is what people who are injured in accidents have to keep in mind. Visit us today for more information on how a lawyer can help you.


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