A Family Lawyer in Frederick Helps Arrange a Long-Distance Parenting Agreement

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Lawyer

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A family lawyer in Frederick can help a divorcing couple set up a parenting agreement that will be documented with the court. Often, these arrangements are relatively straightforward, with some type of shared physical custody or visitation scheduled for specific days of the week. When the parent with primary physical custody plans to relocate to a different state, the other parent may be justifiably concerned about maintaining a close relationship with the children.

Types of Cases

In some cases, the parent who is not moving will attempt to gain primary physical custody. During a deposition, a family lawyer in Frederick presents the reasons why the children should not have to move. The opposing counsel will want to confirm that the other parent is better suited for primary custody. These hearings can be contentious.

In other cases, the parent who will stay behind does not contest the custody issue but wants to craft a visitation arrangement that does not diminish the relationship. These situations usually are not easy and require extra effort by the ex-spouses so that the parent in another state is not left out.

Today’s Technology

Fortunately, today’s technology can make a big difference in the quality of long-distance parenting. Text messages and video chats are two excellent ways to stay in regular contact.

What’s Best for the Children

The priority is what is best for the children. Even if the divorce is acrimonious, the ex-spouse who is relocating should not try to alienate the parent from the youngsters. Not only can this be harmful for them emotionally, but it can also backfire at some point in the future. As the children get older and start realizing the real reason why they are no longer have a rewarding relationship with the parent back home, they are likely to feel angry and betrayed.

These situations are not ideal, but with dedication by both parents to do what’s best for the kids, the children can continue to have a strong bond with the parent who won’t be with them full time. Anyone who needs to get started on a parenting agreement can consider a law firm like Russell & Heffner and browse our website.


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