Set Up a Living Trust to Function Properly

by | May 29, 2014 | Legal Services

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In order for a living trust to function as intended it has to be set up properly. Standardized trust forms are typically used to set up a living trust. It sounds like a simple process, but requires the attention of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of estate planning laws. In the state of Georgia there are many estate planning lawyers who can assist you in preparing a living trust. However, it is imperative to use a living trust attorney in Atlanta to execute a living trust with the necessary modifications for you.

An Exceptional Amount of People Are Creating Living Trusts

Now more than ever people are considering how their assets are going to be transferred after their death, and how well their loved ones are going to be provided for, as well. When proper planning is not in place a major portion of assets can potentially be lost in probate. This is due to many factors including estate taxes, legal fees, unintended heirs and court costs. One of the most popular approaches to keep this from happening to loved ones is the creation of a revocable living trust.

The Role of a Living Trust Attorney

A living trust attorney is able to assist clients in creating a legal document that will contain instructions concerning what happens to your property and assets when you are deceased. A living trust differs from a will in that a living trust can avoid probate and allows you to keep control of your property and assets while you are alive, they do not appeal to every person. It is important to select a professional estate planning attorney to set up a living trust since you will be transferring ownership of assets from your name to the name of a living trust. You will control this living trust. The role of a living trust attorney is to guide you and outline your decisions concerning how you want your assets handled once you are deceased or become incapacitated, and create your living trust accordingly with all regards to state laws.

The Libby Law Firm offers professional living trust services with all of their estate planning amenities. When you need a skilled and experienced living trust attorney in Atlanta, GA, be sure to schedule an appointment today to learn about your living trust options.


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