Role of Personal Injury Lawyers in a Free Society

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Legal Services

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Personal injury lawyers tend to be the subject of a lot of ridicule, but in reality, personal injury law, and tort law in general, allows for a free society made of free markets and helps prevent an explosion of law. There are complaints already of over-criminalization in the United States, imagine how much worse it would be if any action that can result in personal injury was illegal if it did so. If you clipped a car with your car on the street of Wilmington, OH and instead of facing a potentially slimy personal injury lawyer you had to face a DA and the force of the Wilmington, OH justice system, it would be a farce.

However, when people do certain things that harm others there needs to be some form of redress.

What personal injury does is it allows the injured to seek restitution, and the guilty to be punished without having to make everything criminal. Personal injury lawyers face lower barriers of proof since the US common law tradition is based largely on the belief that money is less valuable than liberty.

Despite claims that the US is a money obsessed system it is easier to be fined, or sued, than to be jailed. If the reckless driver who crushed your fender and gave you a class 2 concussion had to be tried in criminal court for reckless driving you’d be much less likely to get any restitution out of it. Personal injury lawyers allow you to seek restitution directly instead of having them put away or forced into community service.

In most cases for personal injury lawyers the defendant is not a habitual offender (if they are it’s a class action law suit which is a different subject in some ways) but instead someone who harmed one person. Taking them off the streets does no good and leaves the injured without redress. Even just getting the money you spent on medical bills back can be an important victory for someone who needs a personal injury lawyer. So, while some cases are ridiculous, and some of the more ridiculous cases are actually false, the personal injury lawyers of Wilmington, OH make it easier for more people to get restitution directly, and without involving the actual criminal justice system. Think of how much more disruptive and costly it would be if this was handled by prosecutors only. Also consider that since the demands of proof are higher for criminal lawyers, and the actual damages usually pretty low, most DAs and cops would refuse to go forward with personal injury cases unless they were truly massive.

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