Reasons To Hire A Social Security Attorney

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Lawyers

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A Social Security Attorney is one who deals with Social Security disability claims and helps those who are applying for disability benefits or have had their application denied.

The rules and laws that surround Social Security disability benefits are complex and confusing and as the applicant is trying to make his or her application for benefit under duress due to their disability it is very often that the best thing to do id hire a Social Security attorney in Plymouth to help navigate the applicant through the somewhat complicated application process. Any serious physical or mental disability can make it difficult to fully understand and comprehend exactly what the administration are looking for, this is a valid reason for seeking professional help.

As the applicant, if you up to making the initial application that is one thing but as the greatest majority of applications are denied then trying to defend your application during the complexities of the appeals process is something altogether different. It is purely your choice when you hire an attorney or whether you ever do hire one, but understand the application for reconsideration is complex.

If the application for reconsideration fails there are further appeal steps available to the disabled applicant. The next step is to appear in front of an administrative judge, if that fails there is the appeals council and if all fails you can sue the federal government. There is little doubt that it is in your best interest to be supported, assisted and directed by a Social Security attorney in Plymouth as you dispute the issues that are being raised by the SSA.

There are a number of factors that you may wish to consider before choosing your disability attorney:

* Has proven skills when making claims against the SSA
* You will want an attorney that will work with you, ensuring that the correct information is submitted while assisting in all aspects of the claim application
* You will want an attorney who follows-up your claim, keeping you informed of the status
* Look for an attorney who has worked with clients with a disability similar to what you have
* It is not always necessary that every aspect of your claim be handled by an attorney but should a paralegal or other support staff be your conduit ensure that everyone involved is well connected and has direct access to experts in your disability that can be brought in if necessary to support your claim.

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