Reasons to Consult an Attorney for HOA Purposes

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Lawyers

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HOA stands for Homeowners Association, and it’s a private group that’s formed typically by real estate developers to manage communities and to keep the home values high. HOA clauses are notorious for making demands on people’s grass types, their pets, what sort of garage they can have, how homes can look, and much more. Millions of people find themselves at risk of fines or even evictions for breaking HOA regulations.

If anyone lives in Illinois in this type of neighborhood, they may need to consult HOA litigation attorneys for myriad civil matters. Here are a few reasons someone might need to consult a lawyer.

Changes without Notification

As part of the HOA, people who live within the community are supposed to be notified of changes. However, sometimes the developer unilaterally decides that homeowners can no longer use X type or color of shingles, and people who did not get that notice are punished. This doesn’t seem right, but it’s actually quite common for changes without notification to happen.

Left Out of the Process

Another reason to consult HOA litigation attorneys is that the homeowner actually wants in on the process since they live there. How can someone just change rules on a resident without that resident having any say? This is another very common issue, and a reason one might need a lawyer.

Frivolous Filings

A lot of people are outright slapped with civil litigation suits in Illinois when they unknowingly break HOA rules. Without the proper attorney, it’s almost impossible to win this sort of suit and keep the home. It’s not fair, but it is life, and that’s what HOA lawyers are for.

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