People Have Rights When Dealing With Debt Collections In St. Louis MO

There isn’t any doubt about it. Debt collectors can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are some methods that people can use when dealing with Debt Collections St. Louis MO that can make things easier to deal with. It’s important that people understand that they have rights when dealing with debt collectors. They don’t have to sit back and let debt collectors bully them. Some people don’t know that debt collectors must send them a written notice within five days of making contact with them about a debt. The notice must include the dollar amount owed, who the debt is owed to, and what steps need to be taken if the debt is believed to be a mistake.

People who are dealing with Debt Collections St. Louis MO should wait until they have possession of the written notice before they talk with debt collectors about debts. If a person doesn’t want to deal with the debt collector, they can visit or another website that can help deal with the debt. The written notice can be handed over to the appropriate debt professional who can then make contact with the debt collector. For those who wish to handle debt collectors on their own, they will have to dispute the debt in writing if they believe it to be false.

After receiving a written notice detailing a debt, a person has 30 days to dispute the debt. If disputing a debt, a copy of the original notice should be made as a written record. All disputes need to be sent via certified delivery. If it isn’t sent certified, it is possible for a debt collector to deny ever receiving the dispute. In fact, that’s how most unscrupulous debt collectors operate. There are other rules regarding Debt Collections St. Louis MO that people should be aware of. Debt collectors can’t use obscene language. They can’t talk to neighbors about a person’s debt.

Debt collectors can’t falsely misrepresent themselves as law enforcement officers or lawyers. Using phone calls prior to 8 am. or later than 9 pm is strictly prohibited. Also, if a debt collector is told to stop calling a person’s workplace, they must stop.

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