Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage Benefits Social Security

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Law

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TheSupreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriage has opened up an avenue to many that wasn’t an option in the past. Social Security offers many benefits to married couples that aren’t allow to single people when filing in their golden years. If you’re wondering what kind of advantages there are from social security same-sex spousal benefits in Chicago you may want to speak with a local attorney about what you’re entitled to. The search for a lawyer isn’t a difficult one, but it may be a good idea just to find out some of the facts.

Advocates Can Assist You In Your Research

The search for someone to help you weed through the laws is a sound idea. Having someone knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs of social security can help you get through the process much quicker. By seeking the assistance of a professional you can have someone by your side getting you through all of the paperwork during a most difficult time. In addition to that service, you’ll have someone available for any questions and concerns you may have or arise from the application process. This can allow you a good deal of peace when things may still be raw concerning your family and situation.

A Bold New World

It may seem like a simple concept to many, but many still aren’t entirely aware of the things that are owed to them because of social security. This usually leads to benefits being lost or never claimed by eligible people. The sum of money is no small amount and is almost a 30% increase to your current benefits, or the ones you think are coming to you when you claim. A lot of this information is something you can get from a lawyer working on your behalf. There are attorneys who focus on this area of the law, and are willing to aid people with getting the compensation they rightly deserve, and this now will officially include same-sex widows or retirees who are trying to file for their SSI.

It’s possible throughout the years you’ve never considered being able to file jointly as a married couple or as a surviving beneficiary of a loved one, but that has come and it’s important to understand what you’re rightly entitled to. Seeking out professionals who are familiar with the laws is the best way to know all the facts.

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