Fired from a job? Contact Labor law Lawyers in Springfield, MA

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Lawyers

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There are multiple reasons why someone can be fired from a job. If one of the reasons is age, sex, race, color, origin, or a disability, one must immediately contact labor law lawyers in Springfield, MA. When one of these categories is the reason why someone is fired, this is called discrimination. If illegal activity was reported to an employer or to an outside agency due to safety or theft concerns, this could fall under a protected area considered whistle blowing.

Whistle blowing protection is a very important section of employment law. For example, if someone is aware of an unsafe condition that would put the public at great harm and reports it, they should not be subjected to retaliation by their employer. An example of retaliation could be demoting a whistle blower. Another act of retaliation could be terminating the employee. These acts are protected under the law.

Labor law lawyers in Springfield, MA can determine what is legal and what is illegal in regards to an employer’s behavior. Before you consider blowing the whistle on any employer, make sure to take detailed notes and document any related to the claim. Make sure copies of the performance appraisals related to the claim are readily available. Also, make sure that no personal information is stored on a work computer or work email.

Even if the right steps are followed by an employee, chances are the company will try some form of retaliation against the employee. This could mean prohibiting the employee from attending training or meetings. It could also mean eliminating job duties and demoting the employee to a lower-paying position. This type of action from an employer is not permitted by law.

The legal process of proving an employer has performed illegal acts against an employee can become very complicated. Connor Morneau & Olin have years of experience in employment law and can answer many questions about an employment law case. Keeping records of what happened at work will help a legal case, including any documentation of what had been going on before being the employee was terminated.

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