Instances When You Should Seek the Services of a Personal Injury Attorney

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When someone injures you, you may be entitled to compensation for the damage they caused, depending on the situation. Listed below are a few instances when hiring a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles is a good idea.

Car Accident

Insurance takes care of a lot of the damage caused by car accidents but not all of it. If you are injured in a vehicle accident, the other driver’s insurance may try to deny or limit your claim. A skilled attorney will fight to prevent this from happening.

Dog Bite

Dogs have become more and more prevalent in society over the past year. It is nearly impossible to avoid some sort of interaction with these beloved pets. However, sometimes, dogs bite people or destroy property. When they do, the owner is responsible.


The law requires all people to maintain the areas of their property accessed by the public. Business owners have the obligation to keep their establishments safe. If you slip on the wet floor of a restaurant, you may be entitled to compensation.

Private individuals also have the obligation to keep their homes and properties safe for guests. If you suffer a slip-and-fall at someone’s place and hurt yourself, that person might be held responsible for your injuries.


Criminal law handles assault cases, but civil law also offers remedies. If someone strikes you or even pushes you over, that person may be held responsible for your injuries. Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, if there even is one, you can still seek compensation if you are injured.

If you have been injured by another, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Legal cases are delicate, and evidence can erode over time. With an experienced attorney, you can be sure your case is in good hands.

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