A Slip And Fall Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD Represents Clients Who Suffered a Scaphoid Fracture

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Attorney

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When someone slips or trips and is about to fall, the instinct usually is to throw an arm out to break the fall. Unfortunately, that is the reason for one of the most common bone fractures: the scaphoid fracture. If the accident happened because of someone else’s negligence on a property, this is legally considered premises liability. A slip and fall attorney in Upper Marlboro MD may be necessary if the insurer disputes the claim.


The carpal area of the wrist contains eight small bones. The scaphoid bone connects the row of wrist bones closer to the hand with the row closer to the forearm. Scaphoid fractures happen when the person lands forcefully on an outstretched hand and suffers a broken wrist. Wrist breaks occur more frequently than lower arm or finger fractures, according to a study published in the journal Hand in 2012. Most accidents causing this injury happen at home.

Researchers look at data from emergency rooms across the nation to compile statistics about this injury, since this is where people who have suffered a wrist bone fracture most often go for help. However, it is difficult to determine exact numbers, since some patients go to urgent care and others wait to see their primary physician if they can get in within the next day or two.

Delays in Seeking Treatment

People don’t always realize they have suffered a broken bone. They may experience tenderness, pain and some swelling, but they may expect these symptoms to go away on their own. Delaying going to a doctor can result in the insurer being skeptical about how the injury happened. A slip and fall attorney in Upper Marlboro MD may be required to negotiate a fair settlement.


Most cases can be successfully treated by wearing a cast reaching from just below the elbow to the thumb. That fully immobilizes the bone and allows it to heal as it should. More severe cases will require surgery. Medical costs might run up to $20,000 for surgery and casting. People who need legal assistance may check out website domain to learn about attorney Business Name.

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