Injured at work? Ensure you are adequately compensated.

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Lawyers

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The legal framework governing workplaces was devised to ensure maximum protection of the rights of individual workers who inhabit them. However, thanks largely to special interest groups and lobbyists, those laws have taken on a rather different shape than was originally intended. Complicated to understand, even by seasoned veterans of the law, the Workers Comp statues are filled with lacuna and loopholes that unscrupulous practitioners often use to deny justified claims for workers compensation. And that’s why you need a good workers compensation attorney in Tumwater WA to guide you.

Injured workers do not often realize that justification for filing a successful Workers compensation claim could very well be grounded in events and circumstances steaming from prior to when the actual incident may have taken place. For example, workers may have noticed and reported unsafe working conditions, or the employer may have received prior warnings about the possibility of an incident taking place. Through consultations and discussions, an astute workers compensation attorney in Tumwater WA can identify such grounds so that your claim becomes highly defensible.

Many workers think that Workers comp is only applicable to “serious injuries” such as slips, falls, hip injuries, broken knee caps, or neck and back problems.  Not much attention is paid to the more modern types of work place injuries, such as Carpal tunnel. With an increasing number of workers now using computers and keyboards more frequently than before, Carpal tunnel has fast become a major cause of workplace injuries. Consulting with the right Workers Comp lawyer will ensure that you are justifiably compensated for such “unspoken” about injuries too.

During your initial consultation with a Workers Comp legal specialist, which is often offered free of charge, you will be made aware of the importance of two documents that will be scrutinized very closely by lawyers who will oppose your claim. Those two documents are your medical records related to the injuries you suffered, and your initial Workers Compensation claim application.  It is extremely essential that the information In both those documents are factual and thorough, and reflect the true nature of your injuries. Any errors or omissions, either in content or intent, will be fully exploited by your opponents.

Filing your application by yourself is definitely an option, and if your case is denied due to factual or clerical issues with your application, you can always file an appeal. However, providing corrected information in an appeal often looks like you are having “after thoughts” about your injuries. Having a seasoned workers compensation attorney in Tumwater WA guide you through the application process will ensure that your application is vetted by a professional, before you file it. Should there be any information in it that could weaken or damage your justification for compensation, your lawyer will immediately flag it for correction. By doing it right the first time, your claim stands a much better chance of being accepted without a need to appeal.

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