How to Know If You Have a Personal Injury Case

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Lawyers

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Some people have a personal injury case and never even know it. Being aware of whether there is actually a case is very important due to the statute of limitations, which refers to the amount of time that a person is allowed to file a personal injury claim. Every state designates their own statute of limitations, with many states having periods of around a year or two. After that period of time goes by, a person may not file any claim legally.

A personal injury case can best be evaluated by an accident lawyer, but there are several tips that can help people determine whether their case is likely to qualify. The first and most important question in this type of case is whether or not there was an injury. In almost all cases, this refers to a physical injury, which must be severe enough to have required medical attention. This medical attention is what can form the bulk of the case in the form of medical bills. Hospital bills, physician costs, physical therapy costs, chiropractor fees, and nearly any other medical care can fall into this category.

Another important question to ask in regards to the accident case is whether there is a record of the accident. While the medical bills help form a type of history of the injury, having paperwork like police reports or official accident reports from an employer is even better. The official accident reports will give quite a few details about the accident that might otherwise be forgotten or ignored; also, they are a good way to help establish who was at fault for the injury, and the attorney will usually want to see the reports as soon as possible.

Finally, consider how long it has been since the accident occurred: while the statute of limitations can allow as long as two years to report the injury and file a claim, the amount of time that a person waits may matter. The sooner that an accident is reported, the better it tends to be in terms of seeking compensation. Speak to a lawyer like Website Domain to find out more today!

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