How Public Outrage Has Made Applying for Social Security Disability Difficult in Kalamazoo

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Lawyers

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Everyone is familiar with the saying about a few bad apples ruining a whole barrel. Because of a few bad apples who have taken advantage of Social Security Disability benefits in Kalamazoo and across the nation, it is now more difficult for those who really are qualified to access the funds that they so desperately need.

Social Security Disability is intended to help those who were working full-time jobs, but have either been injured and are now unable to work or who have an illness that prevents them from working. However, because of some unscrupulous individuals who managed to slip unnoticed through the system and receive benefits that they did not deserve, politicians, legislatures, and claims reviewers in Kalamazoo and elsewhere have felt the need to crack down and seem to want to indict the entire system rather than simply focusing on those who have unjustly received funds.

An article in USA Today this week highlights the fact that it is now more difficult than it ever has been before to get Social Security Disability. According to the president of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), many conditions such as diabetes and obesity that were once considered disabilities are no longer listed as distinct disabilities. Other conditions, such as mental retardation and HIV have standards that are now more difficult to meet. And, undocumented pain, alcoholism, and drug abuse have been disqualified as approved disabilities.

The president of NOSSCR went on to add that though the Social Security Disability program has some areas that need reform and improvement, the answer is not to make it more difficult for those who are deserving of benefits to receive them. Regardless of his suggestion, however, the current situation is that it is, in fact, very difficult to adequately prove the need for Social Security Disability. One way that claimants can increase their chances of getting approved, however, is with the help of a Social Security Disability attorney.

Understanding the landscape of Social Security claims is one of the benefits that a Social Security attorney can bring to the table. Because Social Security denies approximately 70% of all initial applications for Disability benefits, having an attorney who knows how to properly fill out all of the required paperwork is practically essential. In addition, attorneys often have more success in obtaining medical records in a timely fashion than do individuals. Furthermore, an attorney has the benefit of years of experience working within the system and knows how to effectively navigate the many twists and turns that can present themselves.

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