How Do I Locate My Local Social Security Administration Office?

Your local Social Security Office can help you with many things, from determining your benefits eligibility, to replacing your social security card, to updating your information and answering questions about current benefits you are receiving.  But unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find a Social Security Office near you that can help with the services you need.  If you are looking for the right Social Security Office in North Carolina to help you meet your needs, we can help.  Here’s our guide to help you locate your local Social Security Office in North Carolina.

Step 1: Consult The Online Office Locator
The Social Security Administration’s website has an online office locator that can help you get started finding an office in your area.  To use the locator, click the link above.  Then, enter your zip code in the box provided to look up an office in your area.  The tool should quickly return information on your nearest office, with details on where it is located and when it is open displayed.

Step 2:  Call Your Local Office
Once you’ve used the tool above to locate your local office, you will see that the phone number of your nearest branch is displayed.  Make note of what questions you have, and what programs you would like to discuss in person, and then call the number provided.  Ask the operator at your local office if they are able to help with the services you need, to assure that the office nearest you handles the Social Security functions you need help with.  If the office near you is able to help with your specific needs, ask to make an appointment to discuss your questions in person.

Step 3:  Call The National Hotline
If your local office does NOT cover the services you need to discuss, your next step should be to call the national Toll Free Social Security Hotline.  They can be reached at 1-800-325-0778 from 7am-7pm on weekdays.  Ask the representative who answers where the nearest office is that covers the services that you need help with.

Finding the Right Social Security Office in North Carolina
The right Social Security office will be able to help you with all of your Social Security administration questions, or refer you to a resource that can.  But many offices are only equipped with “barebones” services, and may not be able to help with the specific questions that you have.  To make sure that you find the right Social Security Office for your needs in your area, follow the steps above.

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