Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bremerton

Over 120,000 automobile accidents occur in Washington state each year. After an accident, some individuals hire an auto accident lawyer in Bremerton to help them seek fair compensation for their losses. Not all accidents will warrant an attorney’s assistance, but knowing when to hire an attorney and how to find the right one will help individuals if they ever become an accident victim.

When to Hire an Attorney

In many instances, individuals can contact insurance representatives and arrange for any necessary repairs and reimbursements on their own. After minor accidents like fender benders, people are usually not focusing their time and energy on recovering and can handle negotiations and discussions. In situations like these, an attorney would not bring as much value to a client.

However, when an accident involves significant damages or major injuries, or if an individual is having difficulty in getting the insurance to reimburse them fairly, then an attorney should be consulted. Once an individual decides to speak with an attorney, they should do so as quickly as possible. The state of Washington, like most states, has a statue of limitations on accident claims, so accident victims have a limited time available in which to file a lawsuit.

Look for Experience

While any attorney who is legally practicing law in Washington state is qualified to assist with the case, be sure to focus the search only on attorneys who have experience working with automobile accident cases, particularly ones that are similar to yours. Automobile accident law involves knowledge about state and local traffic laws, an ability to negotiate with insurance companies, and knowledge about medical treatments and procedures. Instead of becoming a training case for an inexperienced attorney, hire one who already possesses the skills to fight for your rights to receive fair compensation.

Initial Consultation

Most accident lawyers will offer free consultations to prospective clients. Use this opportunity to discuss the case with experienced attorneys. Talk about how they plan to proceed with the facts, but be wary of any attorney who says they can guarantee a specific outcome or payout. While discussing the case, be sure to gain an understanding of the attorney’s fee and reimbursement policies, so there are no surprises later on. Contact us to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Bremerton.

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