When to Hire Child Custody Attorneys in Evanston

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Attorney

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Whether you are only beginning to make plans for a divorce or you have been divorced and are facing some issues with child custody, it is a very wise idea to develop a working relationship with experienced child custody attorneys in Evanston. As you might already know, you can always represent yourself, but as one expert in family law said, “there are times when grit and determination just aren’t enough.” Instead, you need to do what is right for you, your children and even your former spouse and work with experts to make the process faster, easier and less disruptive.

Reasons to Turn to Experts

If you struggle with the idea of hiring an attorney, here are what the experts say are several good reasons you should do so immediately:

  • Your former partner has an attorney – If your “ex” is already working with an attorney specializing in child custody, it is high time for you to do the same. Without their help, it is highly likely that the case will not turn out as you hope.
  • The issues are getting more complex – We all like to think that we can keep things simple and clear, but people change their minds about important matters (such as sharing custody), and it is only with the help of a lawyer that you’ll navigate those complexities best.
  • You are concerned about the kids – Are you worried your kids may not be as safe as they should be with your “ex”? This is not uncommon and whether you worry about cleanliness and food, personal safety, or you feel the scenario requires a restraining order and no custody, it is all a matter for legal experts.
  • No access – It is also not unusual for an ex to limit contact with your kids or deny you access. If last minute cancellations and other behaviors emerge, you need legal help.
  • Someone is moving – Jurisdictional issues can make matters quite complicated and if you are both relocating to different states (or even different countries), a lawyer is essential to ensure that there are no problems with jurisdictional laws.

There are other issues that would require the help of child custody attorneys in Evanston and the entire area, and Gordon & Perlut, LLC can offer you years of experience in family and divorce law, including custody matters.

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