Hire a Family Attorney for Matters of Visitation Law in Scranton PA

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Legal Services

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In Visitation Law Scranton PA, visitation rights are the non-custodial parent’s rights to see and spend time with the child. Visitation terms are typically set forth in a schedule, which is a court order that outlines the circumstances under which visitation may occur. Read on to learn how visitation rights are set by the courts, and how an attorney can help parents uphold Pennsylvania’s visitation laws.

Factors Courts Consider During the Setting of Child Visitation

When the court validates a visitation schedule, the child’s interests are paramount. While courts try to accommodate each parent’s living situation, the child’s upbringing is the primary concern. Courts typically consider these factors:

      *     The child’s basic information such as gender, age and emotional and physical well-being

      *     The child’s preference if they are a certain age

      *     The child’s ability to adjust to alternating homes

      *     The parents’ location, especially for those who live in different cities or states

      *     The parents’ social habits and lifestyle

      *     The child’s attachment to each parent

      *     The parents’ current employment and work history

The guiding principle in the assignation of visitation rights is for the court to set a schedule that offers stability to the child, as well as opportunities to visit the non-custodial parent.

Modifying a Visitation Schedule

Under certain circumstances, John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law can help parents modify visitation agreements to reflect family members’ life changes. Common scenarios where a schedule may be changed are parental relocation, parental employment change, or a poor parental lifestyle. Because visitation schedules are modifiable, it is better to register the order with the court clerk to ensure that a history is always available.

Does a Parent Need an Attorney When Handling Child Visitation Issues?

Visitation arrangements imply that parents are unable to reach an agreement that follows visitation law in Scranton PA. Therefore, it is to the parent’s advantage to hire an attorney to ensure that the parent’s rights are protected, and so the parent can pursue all available legal options. A family attorney can help parents arrive at a visitation agreement that meets the child’s interests and provides both sides with reasonable visitation and custody.

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