DUI bail bonds: Social Contract and Law

Driving while intoxicated, or any form of distracted driving constitutes a public risk. When you partake in either act you make yourself a risk to other people without any form of public consent, or strong benefit to yourself. We accept that in a free society people can do risky things if there are safety measures taken and they have a reason for doing so. For example driving makes you a bigger risk to other people than walking. When you drive through a city like Reno, NV you?re in a ton or more of steel and metal hurtling along at great speed. Granted Reno, NV is at greater risk than Manhattan because in Reno, NV people can at least drive faster than they walk. However, driving provides a clear benefit to society at large, whereas DUI doesn?t. That?s why for driving you can get a license, and for DUI you?ll have to arrange for DUI bail bonds.

IF you get hit with a DUI there are ways to fight it, but one of the things to keep in mind is that it?s not a part of traditional criminal law. Traditionally criminal law requires a guilty mind, or an understanding of what you?re doing and knowledge of the act you commit. That?s only for law that carries a punishment in jail time; however, since DUIs start at the level of a fine they don?t require a guilty mind. This means that you can end up having to arrange for DUI bail bonds Reno, NV without having knowingly done anything wrong. You simply lost track of how much you drank and got in the car to drive home. Bad luck or bad driving led you to a police check and you failed.

This isn?t to say that everyone getting DUI bail bonds is pure and innocent, most people make a string of mistakes, and misjudgments to get to that point, what it means is that they don?t have to do anything consciously wrong, that it?s very possible to get arrested for a DUI without knowing you were intoxicated. Despite what most people think “I didn?t think I was drunk” “I felt fine” are not legal defenses against a DUI. You should be thankful that the bail bonds for DUI are affordable and that a good lawyer can do a lot to reduce the punishment of a DUI. One of the benefits of DUI bail bonds Reno, NV is that it allows you the opportunity to arrange a defense. In most cases, people who get DUIs aren?t the sort of repeat offenders who are going to get back on the streets of Reno, NV and put everyone at risk, instead it?s a very acceptable risk to let out on bail.

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