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by | Apr 17, 2013 | Legal Services

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There are many divorce attorney in Mankato to assist you when you make the decision that dissolution of the marriage is the only option available for you to choose. They can provide assistance with issues such as asset division, custody, child support, parent time and a host of other issues as well. Therefore, choose a lawyer that has the skills and experience to deal with such complexity because this is not something that should be taken lightly due to the emotional and financial ramifications involve.

First consideration is asset division; the attorney you select will have to determine if the property was acquired during the course of the marriage or prior to the marriage. If the property was acquired prior to marriage, the terms of the arrangement needs to be addressed. The same for property acquired during the marriage, which usually is a 50/50 split, if there are no contractual variances on the property.

Even though property division is complex, it does not come close to child custody and child support. The main purpose of child custody is to work out the best arrangement solely based on the interest of the minor child. This requires determining the best way to arrange for the child day to day living activities such as daycare services, public or private school arrangement.

Child support decisions usually are resolve during the divorce proceedings, and it takes into consideration basic financial child support such as medical care, food and clothing. Usually the amount assessed depends on the income of the parents and who will have full custody of the minor child.

Another important characteristic is parent time, which is confused at times with custody, but it is an entirely different story. Parent time addresses the schedule of the parents in order to forge an agreement that will benefit the child, and depending on the couples situation might address supervised visitation. Of course, with these important decisions, the court has the final say.

With so much on the line, consider all the complexities involve when you search for divorce attorney in Mankato, and then make sure you use a team with the skills to handle all the complexities that come with the dissolution of a marriage.

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