Consulting with an Attorney in Bethlehem Can Be Best for Car Accident Victims

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Lawyers

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One of the most difficult situations for a person to handle on their own is dealing with an insurance company after an automobile accident. Most insurance companies will try to push an accident victim into accepting settlement soon after an accident has occurred. While this can sound like a great option, if the person is still having injuries treated or is in therapy for their condition, settling too early can be a bad option. Because of this, it is often best for a car accident victim to consult with a professional Attorney Bethlehem before they agree to any type of settlements.

Since most lawyers work on a contingency basis in these types of cases, they generally will offer a free evaluation of the case to a victim. This is a good option because it will allow the injured person to explain the situation to an attorney who has experience in these types of cases and find out if they would benefit from hiring a lawyer to help them with their case..

In most cases, an Attorney Bethlehem will not take a case if there is little he or she can offer to help the victim obtain a better settlement. However, most attorneys can be of great help in dealing with the insurance company for the victim. They can often eliminate any contact the insurance company has with the victim. This will give the injured person the time and space they need to deal with obtaining medical treatments and going through rehabilitation or other types of therapies to recover from their injuries.

An attorney will work at compiling the documentation needed to negotiate with the insurance company on settlement issues. This can include police reports, which show the cause of the accident. In addition, they will obtain various types of medical reports to explain the victim’s condition and ways the accident caused the problems. Since many victims are unable to work after an accident, employment records and earnings information will generally be needed as well. Once the lawyer has this evidence assembled, he or she will be able to fight the insurance company if they try to deny the claim or portions of it. In addition, if a settlement cannot be reached out of court, the lawyer will be ready to take the matter further in the legal system.



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