Child Custody Lawyers in Blue Springs MO Can Help Guide A Caring Parent Through A Custody Case

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Law

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The decision of custody of a child between family members can be a heart breaking experience. Working with Child Custody Lawyers in Blue Springs MO and ease the difficulties that go along with determining custody. When parents cannot agree on proper custody of a child, it can tie up financial resources that could be better spent on the child. The sensitive emotional issues will be understood by a family attorney that regularly deals with child custody issues. They also understand that everyone’s relationship and home life is different and will work to get the best resolution possible to a custody determination.

The driving determination behind a court’s decision is the best interest of a child standard. This does not mean that the parent with the most money will serve the best interests of the child. The parent who has performed the day to day care of the child is important. A parent that is not available to care for a child and build a relationship with a child is not in the child’s best interest. A child custody decision also considers which parent will help to foster a relationship with the other parent. Even if a parent has moved away from the primary home or out of state, it is still important the custodial parent fosters the relationship with the non-custodial parent. Child Custody Lawyers in Blue Springs MO can help move the process in a positive direction. Visit here to find out more.

If a parent has abused drugs or alcohol in the 12 months preceding a custody determination, the law does not view placing the child with that parent in the best interest of the child. Parenting plans need to include how the parents will communicate about their child. If a parent doesn’t not have sole or joint legal custody, that parent is still entitled to substantial time with the child. Child Custody Lawyers in Blue Springs MO should be hired when child custody is being determined. Their care, compassion and legal experience can help to soothe the bumps in the road during this time. The Dana Outlaw Law Firm has the child custody experience that is needed to craft a child custody arrangement that will be in the best interest of a child.

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