Finding Legal Help from A Workers Comp Lawyer in Allentown, PA

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Lawyer

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It’s important to find help from a workers comp lawyer in Allentown, PA as most often those that apply for workers compensation benefits on their own are denied. So getting the reassurance that you have competent assistance from a workers comp lawyer in Allentown, PA will greatly improve not only you’re chances for getting compensated, but getting that award sooner. It’s your lawyer who will be able to settle out your claim quickly and legally, keeping your rights defended and your job protected.

This can be very important in some instances as its rather common for some companies to try and terminate a worker who has filed a workers compensation claims case. This is likely due to the fact that the employer has to pay an increased premium after claims against the policy have been made. Still this is in violation of both labor laws and the workers compensation guidelines so your attorney letting your employer know that they are aware of your rights. For you won’t need to threaten a wrongful dismissal case but having competent legal representation from a legitimate workers comp lawyer in Allentown, PA will speak for itself.

So for workers hurt on the job due to faulty equipment, negligence, deferred maintenance, or even operator error are all covered under the policies of workers compensation insurance. It is a Federal guideline that employers must have such insurance for the protection of both the workers and the company itself. So in case of a serious injury that would require a number of surgeries, and or years or months of physical therapy and follow up appointments, would equate to possibly tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Few employers would be able to bear the load of such financial payout amounts and still remain in business. So the law making workers compensation policies mandatory are truly a safeguard for employers as well.

So for a worker looking to have their workers comp lawyer in Allentown, PA file a claim on their behalf they will face certain obstacles before being awarded any claims. First the employer will verify every detail of the claim and be certain that the company is at fault and is legally liable. It is even a common practice for employers to deny claims and file a dispute. If any area of the claim even slightly appears to be bogus the employer will petition the court to deny the claim as well. So being that this is a commonplace practice it’s that much more important to hire the services of a workers comp lawyer in Allentown, PA to file your claim and see you are paid out the awarded sums properly and timely.

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