A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Sarasota, FL Can Help You Win Your Case

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Lawyers

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The first thing an individual should do after they received medical treatment for motorcycle accident injuries is to contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Sarasota FL. Motorcyclists who are involved in accidents are more likely to receive serious injuries that can last a lifetime. An accident lawyer knows that no two accidents are alike and will provide the personalized legal representation a victim requires.

Motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents because motorcyclists are not required to purchase personal injury protection. The crowded highways and drivers unfamiliar with the area on vacation are only a few reasons that cause accidents. When a motorcyclist has been injured because of another driver’s actions, they need to hire an attorney to protect their rights.

Blame Of The Accident

The stigma attached to motorcyclists goes back many years. Motorcyclists are portrayed as daredevils, driving too fast, and other negative images. In many situations, this is not the case. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Sarasota FL will investigate the accident and get to the root cause of the incident. Although a motorcyclist might not have personal injury protection coverage, they are eligible to sue a negligent party for the injuries they received because of the other driver’s actions.

Serious Injuries

Serious injuries from a motorcycle accident can include broken bones, brain damage, nerve damage, the loss of a limb, scarring, and other injuries that will never heal. These injuries can affect an individual’s ability to work and enjoy life. Serious injuries can cause a higher settlement than a soft tissue injury like whiplash.

Paying An Attorney

Motorcyclists will never have to pay an attorney out of their money. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. For a victim, this means they the only way the attorney will be paid is if they win the case. The attorney will receive a portion of the settlement. The amount they receive is discussed during a free consultation. If the attorney doesn’t win the case, the victim will not owe the attorney any money.

Winning a case against an insurance company that has many attorneys working on their behalf requires the help of Carl Reynolds Law. They have years of experience representing injured victims. They’ve been successful winning cases against large corporations.

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