4 Tips For Avoiding A DUI Arrest

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Lawyers

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It is nice to go out on the weekends with some friends and enjoy a few drinks. You worked hard all week long and now you just need to sit back, relax, and have some fun with your friends. Here are some ways that you can enjoy a couple of drinks without worrying about arrests in Salisbury, MD for driving under the influence.

Choose Light Beer
Light beers are a great choice if you are looking to stay away from arrests in Salisbury, MD for drinking under the influence. These light beers have less alcohol than regular beers so you are able to enjoy a couple while staying under the legal limit. It is a good idea to choose beers and drinks that you can enjoy and still know how much you are drinking. If you get your drink in a bottle or a can, you will be able to keep track of exactly how many ounces you have drunk. However, if you go with a mixed drink of some sort, you might be drinking much more than you realize. These drinks can put you way over the legal limit if even if you drink only one, depending on the size of the glass and the type of drink. If you want to avoid arrests in Salisbury, MD, it is best to choose a light beer that is in container that you can gauge how much you are drinking.

Control How Much You Drink
Do not let your server control how much you drink; you can be the decision maker instead. Many servers are paid to sell as much product as they can and often they will top off your drink before you have even finished with it. It will soon become difficult to determine how much you have actually had to drink and you are sure to be over the limit without even knowing it. If you want to avoid arrests in Salisbury, MD, make sure to let your server know that you do not want any more until you are done drinking what is in your cup and tell them when you are done for the night.

Use A Portable Breathalyzer
Another great idea is to carry around a personal breathalyzer. These can be bought online for as low as $30 and are a great way to avoid arrests in Salisbury, MD because of being over the limit. Before you head off for the night, you will be able to test your blood alcohol level to see if you are within the limits or if you should get a ride home instead. You should keep in mind that these tests are not always 100% accurate. It is better to stay on the safe side and not drive if you are close to the limit.

Know Your Rights
If you are pulled over, it is important to remember your rights. While you should be cooperative with the officer you are not required to answer any questions without your lawyer, you do not have to take the breathalyzer test, and you do not have to complete any of the other sobriety tests. These could be used later to build a case against you.

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