3 Benefits Provided by a Bail Agent in Anacortes WA

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Bail Bond

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Anacortes judges often set bail that allows defendants to remain free until they must appear in court. Bail amounts vary and are often too expensive for the accused to pay. However, many are still freed with the help of a Bail Agent in Anacortes WA. Agents charge clients a fee and then write bonds that guarantee the accused will meet all court-required obligations. Bail bonds save defendants money, allow them to take care of responsibilities, and often save their reputations.

Bail Makes Freedom Affordable

The amount of bail set by courts is determined by judges who weigh a variety of factors when choosing an amount. Considerations include defendants’ past records, the seriousness of crimes, and whether the accused has flight risks. In very serious cases the courts may set bail at more than a million dollars. A Bail Agent in Anacortes WA charges the accused a percentage of the bail and then has them freed. Clients usually pay 10%. That means they would pay $1,000 if bail was set at $10,000. Some bondsmen accept collateral like the deed to a home or boat.

Defendants Can Take Care of Obligations

Families of defendants often reach out to bond agents via sites like. Agents often gather information about the defendant and arrange payment over the phone. In many cases they have the accused released in a matter of hours. Although the non-refundable fee for a bail bond is not always cheap, most clients consider it a bargain. Once they are out of jail, they can go to work and take care of daily tasks like child care. Clients can also hire attorneys and work on their defenses.

The Accused Preserve Their Images

Bail bonds help many citizens guard their reputations. Bail bond experts know local court systems well, so they are often able to free defendants so quickly that friends and co-workers never realize there was a problem. That is critical since being accused of a crime can be damaging. Agents are discrete and guard clients’ information carefully.

Bail bond professionals get many defendants freed from jail by working with the court systems. Agents write bonds that guarantee their clients’ court appearances in exchange for affordable fees. Quick releases give the accused time to care for responsibilities and allow many to preserve their community standing.

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